Board of Deacons

Chair: Wendell Mortensen

The goal of the Board of Deacons is to involve as many members of our congregation in worship, learning, witness, service and support. Among other things, Trinity’s Board of Deacons are the people who make sure the following worship servants are lined up every week: ushers, scripture readers, communion preparers, video operators, van drivers, etc. We make sure that needs for special services are met, like having candles ready for Christmas Eve services and decorating the Christmas tree. These are “routine” but important things in the life and service of our church and there is a natural flow to fulfilling these duties. It’s a nice board!

Simple Acts of Service

The service opportunities listed below are not just tasks to be done; they are each an honor to perform. Each task is an opportunity to serve God and your fellow members of the congregation. They might seem small and humble, but they're absolutely necessary for the church to function. Your time and talents help other people to worship. Your service helps others come closer to God.

Please contact the Board of Deacons or the church office (  665-7415) and let us know how you can SHARE your TIME AND TALENTS!  

Communion Preparation: At Trinity Lutheran we commune every week as the central part of the service. But the bread and wine don't miraculously appear.  We need people to prepare them, set the Lord's table for the holy meal, and clean up afterward. This easy, humble task is vitally important, because it enables the congregation to commune spiritually with God. What an honor to be a part of this!

Greeters: When people enter Trinity Lutheran Church, they should feel welcome instantly. Greeters are an important way we welcome people in, whether they're new in town, visiting for the weekend or lifelong members of Trinity. 

ReadersEach week we hear the word of God proclaimed during worship. Readers have the privilege of sharing that word and helping lead the service in a small way. With three services a week, readers are also an important aid to the pastors. 

Ushers: It's difficult for a service to run smoothly without ushers. They help to distribute bulletins, direct communion traffic, collect the offering, and bring forth the bread and wine for communion.  Ushers are indispensible for an orderly service that allows the rest of the congregation to focus on worship.

Van Drivers: Many members of Trinity would be unable to attend church without a ride from someone else. Van drivers provide an opportunity for worship and fellowship they would otherwise go without. 

Videotaping: Our weekly services are videotaped and shown later in the week on television. What a way to share God’s word for those unable to attend or those considering joining our church family. 

  October 2020  
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