Volunteer Opportunities

Help us offer “Laundry with TLC”!

What is it? Laundry with TLC is a volunteer group that offers free laundry access to those in need.

Why does Yankton need it? Single parents often have to choose between food and clean clothes. This is visible in the schools, and a problem of human dignity. Pathways (homeless shelter) has offered some free laundry to past clients and those on the waiting list, but this help will end with their expansion.

What will it look like? Twice a month, 3-5 volunteers will hang out at the laundromat. Laundry with TLC will pay for 3 free loads of laundry for each adult and provide laundry supplies.

How can you help?

Be part of the team: We need volunteers who are available once or twice a month to hang out at the laundromat, chat with the folks there, and offer help. We have a laundromat on board.

Donate: We welcome donations of quarters (or larger denominations) and laundry pods (unscented if possible), dryer sheets and stain removers. Easy-to-eat snacks would also be welcome. Perhaps meals down the road.

Contact: Lilah Gillis 665-7415 or finance.tlc@iw.net

Videographers wanted

Be part of the team of volunteers who take turns videoing the services. Training/shadowing available.