Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Trinity Lutheran Church is three-fold:


We gather daily to pray, learn, listen, and to experience God's grace in Jesus Christ.


We are called to serve our sisters and brothers in the world.  We are nothing special in that all of us have fallen short of the glory of God and we all need a Savior.  So, we help others who need a helping hand, food for their journey, quilts for burial and for warmth. We strive for dignity and decency as a way of giving thanks for what God has given us.


We proclaim Jesus as the way and understand that God gives each of us a gift of faith.  It is by grace that we are justified and that justification is proclaimed in Word through preaching and teaching.  Our faith is further visible in Sacrament through Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Through these gifts, we are pulled into God's presence and into God's goodness.

Come and see what God is doing at Trinity Lutheran Church in Yankton South Dakota.  Worship, Serve, and Proclaim with us.