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Welcome to Sunday school !

At 9:30 am, all students should be in the Worship space. Find the spot for your age / grade and meet your teachers. We will have our Sunday school kick-off and then be dismissed to your class rooms.

Sunday school is from 9:30 – 10:30 am.



The theme for the year is from Psalm 4:7 “You have put joy in my heart.”



Thank you to those who volunteered to lead Trinity’s young people this year; as Confirmation guides, Sunday school teachers, music leaders, helpers and office assistants. Thank you also to the mentors for the 9th grade Confirmation students, the pastors and all others who help sporadically throughout the year!



Check out the J-O-Y bulletin board in the main floor hallway. Make sure to write down what brings YOU joy!





17  First day of Sunday school (Backpack Tags) 9:30 am

9th grade Confirmation lesson 6:30 pm

20 First Confirmation lesson for 6th-8th grades 7 pm

24 Sunday school 9:30 am

9th grade Confirmation lesson 6:30 pm

27  Confirmation (6th/7th/8th) 7 pm



1 Sunday school 9:30 am

MS – Mazing Acres 2-4 pm

9th grade Confirmation lesson 6:30 pm